Update on our latest IPO - Arria NLG, PLC - London stock symbol: NLG.L

OF ALL THE BUSINESSES built with my partners, , directors and executives - supported by the financial backing of our ever growing, and very loyal Investor Group - Arria NLG PLC is by far our most remarkable achievement to date.

As one of the original Founders, then as the initial Founding Chairman of Arria NLG, my Partners and I shared a mutual vision of the expected global dominance of Arria’s NLG technology. Although today, I am just an investor in Arria, albeit one of its most substantial shareholders, my belief is still that when Arria listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in London in late in 2013, that this firm would change the face of computing; and it has already begun to live up to and even surpass that vision.

Since 2014, Arria NLG PLC has been busy signing a multitude of major International and National Companies, who are Licensing, Partnering and/or incorporating Arria NLG “Intellectual Property” (IP), Arria NLG “Tool-box” and NLG “Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) into their operational infrastructure. Arria has achieved all of this, by burning just a fraction of the capital (less than U.S. $50 Million) that its Silicon Valley peers would typically consume; Valley backed Tech companies are spending upwards of U.S. $500 Million plus to launch, and in many cases over a Billion Dollars - before commercializing - or even attempting a run at break-even… many may never break-even; not so Arria, operating sensibly and frugally - with a solid plan to financial independence in the near term - not unlike Diligent’s early financial independence achievement.

Arria has also been busy signing majors in: Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Accounting, Medical, Aviation, M.O.D., Consumer Products - and of recent note, is now providing a “Voice” to Super Computer GIANT “ Watson” - with the breakthrough signing and announcement of IBM - Watson Super Computer.

As Arria continues to “harvest” the full potential and power of its IP, and Arria’s technology is thoroughly commercialized globally, it will continue  to fundamentally change the way businesses worldwide process and understand information and data— it’s that big.

Interviews — Some Initial Investors in My Last IPO

Paul Wright
Chairman, Harcourts International
Christchurch, New Zealand

"I said to Brian, I support you totally mate. As time has gone on I’ve been totally vindicated. I think it’s wonderful we’ve had this opportunity."

Gerry Dunworth
NYC Estate Attorney
New York, New York USA

"I’ve worked with Brian for the past 15 years. He is very high on the current [Diligent] management team, so I felt totally comfortable investing."

Debbie Bernstein
Real Estate Developer and Investor
Armonk, New York USA

"Brian thinks big and does things big...and he’s very smart. I think Brian is great. I'm thrilled. This has been a very positive experience."

Mitch Oh
Physician and Oncologist
Baltimore, Maryland USA

"Brian is a person I call a winner. He has an energy, an exuberance, enthusiasm, as well as experience and know-how. "

Tim English
Designer and Art Gallery Curator
Sydney, Australia

"Brian is a dear friend. I’ve done lots of projects with him. And I’m especially pleased to have been a part of Diligent from the very beginning."

Susan Allicino
Antiques Dealer
Sag Harbor, New York USA

"Brian is a hard worker...a really fine individual. I truly had faith; you just know he’s going to do it. You just know it. He doesn’t know failure."

Wini Borg
Artist and Investor
Boca Raton, Florida USA

"Because of Brian’s way of being, I never felt a moment of discomfort. He is such a rock for me, that I can depend on, and I feel very comfortable."

Andy Lamont
Business Owner and Managing Director
Christchurch, New Zealand

"It’s exciting and Brian’s the reason I chose to stay with Diligent. The Diligent result today has been phenomenal."


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