“We Try To Support The Global Community”


WHEN YOU'RE SUCCESSFUL AND you’ve made some serious headway financially, you’ve got to give back. And we try to give back not just in the arts and by sponsoring the Christchurch Art Gallery, but also in business and personally to many different charities and people in need.

One of the real values of having business success is that you’ve got the resources to help others. For example, during the Christchurch earthquake we were able to step in and help the employees at our Breads of Europe bakery.

While the bakery was closed, we had the resources to pay all the salaries — even though it was closed for weeks. Upon reopening we baked bread and gave it to local churches and charities. For people who lost their homes we paid for motels and accommodations. We even sent our staff on paid vacation so they could get out of the earthquake area.

We’ve also gifted large amounts to sports. Because I believe young children and teenagers need to work hard and keep busy physically and mentally, we’ve tried to encourage that by contributing to various sports.

And, of course, we’re pleased to support effective organizations such as the Everyman Foundation described below.


As a member of a community, it’s important to step in and help with the resources you have.
Brian and his wife, Kiri Borg, have made substantial donations to the Christchurch Art Gallery resulting in the creation of the Borg Henry Gallery for the arts. The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake was a powerful natural event that severely damaged New Zealand’s 2nd largest city, killing 185 people in one of the nation's deadliest peacetime disasters. The Christchurch Art Gallery was used as the civil defence headquarters to coordinate relief efforts in the city. The earthquake caused widespread damage across Christchurch, especially in the central city and eastern suburbs.

EVERYMAN FOUNDATION — Brian and Kiri have financially supported Everyman Foundation since its inception.  Founded by Brian’s brother, Gerald, Everyman Foundation celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Panama in 2011.  Brian sits on the board of directors of Everyman Foundation.


“Everyman Foundation, an international non-profit and non-governmental organization, that was established in 2001 in the city of Colón, Panama, by New Zealander Gerald Henry with the grand initiative to share with those who need it most and give a bit of happiness and hope to the poor of this world. Gerald was motivated by the great work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta — known the world over for her dedication to the most needy and for her devotion to human solidarity. Strengthened by her faith and hope in the ‘service for the poor’ — as articulated by Pope John Paul II — Everyman is a humanitarian aid organization providing direct benefits to those who need them most.” — extract from El Futuro News, Feb. 2012

The joy of serving can be seen on the faces of Everyman volunteers as they freely share of their time to help those who are less fortunate. Everyman Foundation founder, Gerald Henry, is pictured holding a child who was severely handicapped due to lack of access to basic medical care. Everyman and Wheels of Hope provide custom built wheel chairs that transform the lives of severely handicapped children and their families.

Hundreds of Everyman volunteers have completed hundreds of social projects, distributed thousands of food baskets, and during Christmas given out thousands of teddy bears and gifts to those living in extreme poverty.