“For Kiri and Me...Family Is Everything”


I'M BLESSED WITH A wonderful wife, Kiri, and three terrific children. Kiri and I have a great marriage — we’re best of friends and love being with each other. We’ve also been business partners for most our marriage and started businesses together that are still successful to this day.

Life is interesting in that our boys have chosen to pursue the pressure-cooker world of alpine ski racing — which means we do back-to-back winters in New Zealand, America and Switzerland. They compete all over the world representing New Zealand.

My children are extremely dedicated. The boys train on the snow during the day, go to school in the afternoons and evenings, and then race practically every weekend. So, we work hard to be good parents and be with them as often as possible. But, we miss all our kids dearly when away for any reason and we can’t all be together.

Brent, Inez and Lane together in New Zealand.

My daughter, Inez, lives in New Zealand and is working on a fascinating book and magazine project. I’m very proud of her.

Our extended family is also spread all over the world — with many in New Zealand.

And we're blessed to have the financial resources to keep in touch by travelling to be with them — and also to help them deal with life’s challenges, such as serious illnesses and the turmoil and displacement caused by the recent New Zealand earthquakes.

With all the business ventures I’m involved with around the globe, the thing that’s most important to me is my family and having the resources to help them in any way, especially when I can’t always be there in person.

henry family in Switzerland for Alpine training camp In Switzerland with Kiri and the boys during their five-month training camp where they train six days a week. Kiri Borg with son Lane in Central Park New York Kiri and Lane in Central Park enjoying the changing seasons. The Frank Gehry Building in New York City The Frank Gehry Building is one of over 200 skyscrapers built in New York City by Kiri's late father — who was also a major pre-IPO funder of Diligent and a significant post-IPO shareholder. Brian Henry with New Zealand flag It's a great thrill watching the boys represent New Zealand, and to spend time with so many young athletes from around the world.