“Skiing With My Family Is A True Joy”


ANOTHER OF MY PASSIONS is skiing because it has become such a family activity for us. But, also, because it has helped my boys understand the value of having a dream, setting goals, and then working hard and making tough choices to achieve that dream.

As an alpine ski racer in the Masters Category in both New Zealand and Switzerland, I enjoy the thrill of competing on the slopes, and I support my boys in their alpine ski racing ambitions. However, it’s not easy doing winter after winter after winter. But, it’s what we do because both of the boys have huge talent and desire.

Our oldest, Brent, skis eight or nine months out of the year in five countries each year, including New Zealand, Chile, Switzerland, America and Japan. Lane, our youngest skis six or seven months a year and is as talented as his brother. So, essentially, the boys race all year round. And, to do this, they have to be two of the most disciplined, self-starting, highly motivated young men you’ll ever meet. They get up at 5 or 6 in the morning.

Brian’s favorite all-mountain skis are VOLKL AC50s.

They’re on the ski slope generally just as the sun is coming up. They ski for hours, sometimes in the most atrocious weather, and then come off, have their lunch, do a workout, tune their skis, and then go to school (which goes into the evening), then have dinner, continue with school well into the evening, and then go to bed. To do that all year round takes an unbelievable discipline and desire. In Brent’s case he wants to be an internationally ranked skier. In Lane’s case he’s on the Vermont State Team for 2012.

While supporting our sons is a big strain on the family (especially with all the logistics involved with schooling, training and racing), we all love each other and believe it’s well worth it.

Brian (in his orange “avalanche” parka) and Kiri with a foot in Italy and a foot in Switzerland supporting their boys’ ski racing ambitions.
Brent (left) and Lane (right) at Mammoth Mountain in America with their New Zealand and Swiss coach, Grant Stockman. Brent and Lane on the summit of Mount Hutt in New Zealand — which is typically the first ski slope to open in the Southern Hemisphere. The village of Stoos, Switzerland where the boys train during the winter season. It’s located on an alpine plain at the foot of the Fronalpstock mountain in central Switzerland. Lane with a training device doing giant slalom training. In addition to supporting his boys, Brian competes as a Masters Alpine Ski Racer. His favorite ski field is Elsigenalp, Switzerland.